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Water Saving Showers

These smart Water Saving Showers could give youmassive water savings at home. Regular showers flow at 15 to 20 litres water per minute(LPM) or even more, whereas these new showers typically flow at 6- 8 Litres per minute (or less!). Water saving without any compromise on the rinse ability, these showersare designed to ensure a consistent and powerful water flow all through. When you reduce your water requirement this way, you also reduce your requirement for water heating, thus helping you save energy at the same time.

  • Saves water without any compromise on the rinse ability
  • Massive Water Savings (up to 60%).Three showerhead spray settings : needle, massage & combination
  • Reduces hot water demand, does reduces energy cost
  • Easy installation

Water Flow Rates

6 to 8 LPM (Litres Per Minute)

Recommended For

Homes, Schools, Healthclubs Etc.

Annual Savings Upto

1.02,200 litres water/year


1 year (on manufacturing defects)

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