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Waterfree Urinal Solutions

Waterfree urinals, a very popular concept in European countries is now considered good solution to save water in Indian offices as well. We save 100% water on urinals flushing by using water free/less urinal at office washrooms; we also create less waste water, thus saving on recycling cost as well. These urinal are hygienic, odorfree and elegant in design.

According to a recent research, in large office around 17% of water goes to flushing of Urinals. This water cold be saved easily. Two different kind of technique’s available to adopt waterfree urinals concepts are.


Falcon WaterFree Urinals

With more than 3,00,000 installation worldwide, Falcon Waterfree urinals are sold in more than 45 countries and have more than 3,00,000 units installed worldwide. Falcon Waterfree Technologies has done extensive research in five countries with leading scientists and institutions to perfect our advanced technology. The result? Falcon waterless urinals have been proven to conserve water and save money while reducing maintenance time and cost, as well as creating cleaner, odor-free and more hygienic restroom environments.

  • Recommended for : Offices, Hospitals, Banks & public toilets
  • Annual Savings upto : 40,000 litres.

EzoFit - New Water Free Urinal Kit For India

EzoFit Kit converts existing urinal into Waterfree and conserve 100% water used on flushing. Its unique bio-enzymatic supported odor locking technology keeps urinals clean and odorless.

  • Zero flush reduces load on STP and water management.
  • Saves on sensor and its maintenance costs.
  • Helps in Green Building accreditation.
  • Supports Sustainability and Environmental Goals(EHS)
  • Greener Image for Company
  • No Civil Work Required.
  • Comes with Waste Chamber. Can be opened and cleaned in case of external
  • debries (Like Chewing Gum, Wrappers etc.)
  • First Washable Retrofit Unit (no capital expenditure repeatedly)
  • Can be installed and maintained by anyone(DIY).
  • Neo-Eco Enzyme cake supports existing waterfree urinals and reduce cost of
  • Maintenance.

Bio Urinals Cakes: Helps You Save Water

With help of bio-cakes we can retrofit existing urinals into waterfree urinals. This solution is ideal for facilities were budget for capital investment on urinal is a challenge. Bio-Cake can be bought month-to-month basis like housekeeping supplies and could give 100% saving on water flushing on urinal bowls. The cake also emits fragrance and prevents debris from entering urinal drain lines. The cake could be operate with less flushing or no water.

  • Recommended for : Offices, Hospitals, Banks & public toilets
  • Annual Savings upto : 40,000 litres water/year.
  • Note : Trial is recommended before order is placed for bulk. Not urinals can be retrofitted and successful.

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