What Is ClayPops?

ClayPops is a lightweight aggregate made by heating clay. It is a unique Green Construction Material which is 100% Natural.

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) is a myth-breaking, cost-effective and revolutionary technology that is not only going to change the way we construct buildings and infrastructure but also improve the way we do gardening, irrigation, water filtering and the way we handle geotechnical applications.

It has a micro porous structure which is a honeycombed structure of interconnecting voids. It has high compressive strength and light weight as well. Because of its structure it stands as a good absorbent of water. It aids for healthy plantations by preventing the cracking of soil and reducing soil erosion. It is nontoxic, sustainable and eco-friendly.


  • 100% inert. It can be reused multiple times.
  • Light in weight. It helps in reduction of 40 to 50% of load.
  • Cylinder shaped and hence has high compressive strength of 0.6 to 3.0 N/mm2
  • Because of its honeycombed micro porous structure, it helps in interconnecting voids.
  • It is a green material which is 100% non toxic, eco friendly and sustainable.
  • Good absorption of water. It absorbs 18 to 22% of size.
  • It can also be used as good water drainage material.
  • Leca has surface alkalinity because it maintains a pH balance of about 7 to 8.5.
  • Excellent thermal insulation. It has 0.097 to 0.10 W/mK of dry thermal conductivity.
  • Excellent sound Insulation with good acoustic properties.
  • It is termite and pest resistant. Hence it is a good insect proof material.
  • It has low coefficient of Thermal Expansion. it helps to prevent soil cracking and crushing. Aids healthy plantation.
  • Excellent in resisting fire.
  • Excellent in resisting earthquake. Since it is light in weight, it reduces the destructive effects of earthquake on structure.
  • The unique structure of ECA is ideally suited to water and air filtration systems.

Expanded clay aggregate(ECA) is possible the only green construction material with numerous benefits that does not need spending a fortune. It can be used in wide variety of places such as:

  • Waste water treatment
  • Treatment of surface water
  • Used as bricks to construct walls
  • As a sound insulation material
  • As light weight concrete
  • For roofs and floors of a building
  • In Railways and Metro Rail
  • Landscaping
  • Used in petrochemicals, Oil and Gas.
  • Geotechnical use
  • Light weight sunk filling



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