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What Is Green Toilet Bank?

Economical, maintenance free 'Green Toilet Bank' is very easy method to save water on toilet flushes, they can save you up to 2 liters of water on every flush without any sacrifice on performance. Tank Bank when filled with water is installed inside the flush tank and it displaces an equivalent amount of water i.e. 2 liters upon every flush, which means every flush we will save water, thus saving you money and less the water you use, less you need to recycle it.

An average family of four could save approximate 11,650 liters of water annually. (4 times flushing x 2 liters saving x 4 member family x 365 =11,650 liters)

Green Toilet Bank

NeoClean Toilet seat

This is an innovative product for toilet hygiene. On press of a button the film on the seat changes to a new film, thus every user in toilet would get new WC toilet seat, no more using dirty, wet, unhygienic toilet seats with NeoClean. It’s a great product for offices, toilets, mall, hotels and hospital. Product especially liked by women employees under hygiene category in office.

Green Toilet Bank

Go Green Hankie

To reduce dependence on tissue paper, Eco365 launched a special hankie, which is Ultra light , compact and super absorbent. It comes in different design and is an ideal gift to employee, friend or family member to bring awareness on minimizing use of tissue papers. Our hankie’s are must to have product and once used, will always be remembered. Save planet, save trees. Ultra Light, Compact, Super Absorbent

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